Potable Aqua Iodine Water Treatment Tablets

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Potable Aqua Water Treatment Tablets:

Potable Aqua® Water Purification Tablets will make questionable water safe to drink. Made to strict U.S. Military specs, these water treatment tablets are proven to effectively kill Giardia, bacteria, viruses and most microorganisms. Water Purification Tablets are a must-have item for all 72 hour kits and emergency packs. Whether traveling or hiking, preparing an emergency 72 hour kit for your home or recovering from a natural disaster, Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets are a must. Registered with the EPA, these iodine-based germicidal tablets have been trusted by militaries, relief organizations and outdoor enthusiasts since 1971.

Important: Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets are Not Effective against Crypto (Cryptosporidium). If Crypto is thought to be present, bring the water to a rolling boil (vigorously boiling) for at least one minute, or use Potable Aqua Chlorine Dioxide tablets which are effective against Cryptosporidium.

Potable Aqua Water Treatment Specifications:

  • Easy to use; uniform dosage per tablet takes the guesswork out of treating contaminated water.
  • Two Potable Aqua tablets treat one quart of water (50 tablets per bottle).
  • 3+ Year Shelf-Life.
  • Iodine-based compound (no chlorine).
  • You must wait 30 minutes before drinking the treated water.
  • The PA +Plus tablets neutralize the iodine taste. It is added after the 30 minute waiting period. See info below about Potable Aqua PA+ Plus.
  • A must for First Aid, Survival and Emergency Preparedness Kits.
  • Ideal for Emergency Use at Home.
  • Bottle Size: 1" x 2.25".
  • Weight: 6 oz.
  • Made in America.

    GG&G American Made


    What Are The PA PLUS Tablets For?
    PA Plus is an ascorbic acid tablet (vitamin c), that removes the taste and odor of iodine after the water is treated with Potable Aqua. The PA Plus tablets Should Not be prior to the 30-minute waiting period for the Potable Aqua tablets to work on destroying the little nasties in your water. Once you use PA Plus, the iodine in the Potable Aqua no longer has the ability to kill germs, so take care not to re-contaminate the treated water. The PA Plus tablets dissolve quickly and should remove the iodine taste in about 3 minutes. Use one PA Plus tablet in water treated with 2 Potable Aqua tablets. The ascorbic acid converts the iodine to iodide, which has little or no germicidal properties. The iodine is still present, but in a different chemical form and that's why the iodine taste and odor are reduced.
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