Specter CQB Tactical Sling With Snap Hooks

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Specter CQB Tactical Sling With Snap Hooks

Specter Gear is now offering one of their most popular slings in a snap clip or quick clip version. The #197 CQB Snap Clip Sling offers all of the great features of the Universal CQB sling, but has the added feature of having snap clip sling attachments at each end of the sling. This affords the end user the flexibility to quickly attach and detach the sling as mission requirements dictate. The snap clips easily attach to all models of the rugged GG&G Quick Clip Sling adapters. This sling will fit your AR-15, AR-10, and tactical Shotguns equipped with side mounted looped sling attachments.

In addition to making the CQB sling available in this configuration, Specter Gear is also making this configuration available in the SOP Version. Often referred to as the "Ultimate Patrol Sling", the SOP now has one additional feature that increases it's overall flexibility.

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