A bipod has been a common weapon accessory for over 100 years. Tactical Rifle Bipods that can be folded and quickly extended are common today in the urban combat setting on small and large caliber weapons. GG&G started manufacturing a rifle bipod five years ago. When the ARMY needed tactical bipods for their M16 weapon system, GG&G submitted their standard duty bipod for consideration. Out of all of the submitions to the US Army and after nine months of extensive testing, the US Army selected the GG&G rifle bipod, specifically the GG&G XDS Bipod NSN: 1005-01-563-0152, to outfit approximately 75,000 US Army precision shooters. On many of those M16 weapon systems the mount that will be used is the GG&G Under Forearm Integrated Rail, or forward rail bracket. NSN: 1005-01-541-2476. To date GG&G has supplied the US Army over 200,000 of these units.

To meet the requirements of those shooters with a heavier weapon system, GG&G is now offering its heavy duty bipod, the Heavy Duty XDS Bipod. Built to handle the weight and recoil of .50 caliber semi autos and bolt guns, the Heavy Duty XDS Bipod is designed and built to withstand the rigors of combat. Military bipods with swivels are ideal for M4, M-16, and AR-15 users who want to improve long accuracy and flexibility from changing fire positions. In addition to the military, tactical officers and SWAT teams can use these rifle bipods for greater effectiveness and less exposure in varying situations.

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