Remington TAC-14 Accessories

The Remington TAC-14 is a home-defense and campers-defense dream based on the venerable and reliable Remington model 870 pump action 12-gauge shotgun. The TAC-14 weighs in at about at 4.5 pounds. It’s easy to move into action, swings up on target naturally in a point and shoot mode.

To improve this personal security powerhouse, GG&G has designed, tested and manufactured four American Made Tactical Accessories specifically for the TAC-14 Shotgun and offer seven more GG&G products that are interchangeable with the Remington 870 shotgun. That’s one of the great features of this shotgun. Most parts are interchangeable with the 870 from Remington. In addition to its own products, GG&G carries Specter Slings and Streamlight and Inforce high lumen flashlights increase the tactical performance of the TAC-14 shotgun. GG&G has also put together a Super Brace Kit for the TAC-14 Shotgun.

The GG&G TAC-14 Tactical Accessories are manufactured to withstand the rigors of combat and tactical use by professionals and civilians alike. When you’re ready to upgrade your TAC-14 to the highest standards of personal protection, seek out the best American Made Tactical Accessories-----GG&G Tactical Accessories!

GG&G Remington Shotgun Accessories; Made In America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans!