AK-47 Accessories

The AK-47 and its variants have been extremely popular for over 25 years. Adding accessories to your AK-47 like a red dot optic, is neccessary to bring it up to today's tactical standards. If you choose a red dot optic for your AK, like an Aimpoint or EOTech, GG&G has a model to fit your mission requirements. Keep in mind that you can add a 3X magnifier to the Aimpoint or EOTech set up by using the GG&G Flip To Side Magnifier Mount.

The AK 47 rear sight can be improved greatly with the American Made GG&G Ghost Ring Rear Sight. It comes in both an 800 meter and 1000 meter configuration. These goodies bring out its full potential as a self defense weapon. GG&G continues to develop these high quality accessories for your AK-47. Although your AK may not be totally manufactured in the U.S., the GG&G AK Accessories Are Made In America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans.