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Aimpoint Scopes are suitable for all sorts of conditions, whether you are performing important Law Enforcement duties, Military combat missions, or defending your home and loved ones. There is an Aimpoint Scope capable of meeting your mission requirements.

With different options and packages available, an Aimpoint Scope can be mounted to any AR style firearm, SCAR weapon system, Ruger Mini-14/30 or shotgun.  With strong reputations you won’t be disappointed with the functionality, versatility or performance that the Aimpoint scopes and GG&G Quick Detach mounts provide!



This sight was made to provide battle proven ruggedness with the ability to perform perfectly in extreme weather conditions while staying user friendly. The sealed tube design is protected from the elements such as rain, snow, dirt, sand. When mounted correctly, it will not obstruct your use of iron sights!


Aimpoint Pro Patrol Rifle Optic /Back Up Iron Sight Combo Package

Simply install this sight with the included battery, turn it on, and forget about it! This parallax-free, non-magnifying sight is always at the ready! No levers, buttons, switches, etc. to ever fumble with! This AimPoint Pro sight can cover all sorts of environmental conditions with 6 daylight and 4 night vision brightness settings to ensure accurate target engagement in virtually any sort of condition.

You can also choose to order the combo package that comes with the GG&G AR-15 A2 Back Up Iron Sight (BUIS), which is the same back up iron sight used by elite armed forces and law enforcement teams around the world!

As with all GG&G products, our accessories are Made In America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans.

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