Mossberg Shotgun Accessories

GG&G manufactures over 60 Mossberg Shotgun Accessories. We combine quality American manufacturing, uncompromising reliability and a commitment to innovation to produce high performance Mossberg Tactical Shotgun Accessories.

GG&G designs, tests and manufactures Mossberg 500/590, Mossberg 930, specific Shockwave accessories, Mossberg 940 and 940 JM Pro accessories. 

Our American Made product lineup includes sling attachments (standard and quick detach), scope mounts, flashlight mounts, side saddles and charging handles in all kinds of configurations. We even include a modified MAGPUL Tactical Forearm for the Shockwave in our Mossberg line of tactical shotgun accessories.

As one of the Mossberg Shotgun promotional pieces indicates, “Bad Guys Don’t Ring Doorbells”, so add a layer of personal protection with a Mossberg Shotgun outfitted with GG&G Mossberg Shotgun Accessories.

As with all of the tactical accessories manufactured by GG&G, our Mossberg Shotgun accessories are designed to make shotgun shooters more confident every time they take aim, and make their families feel more secure about the “what ifs” in life.

Civilian self-defense is only one of the many areas where GG&G Mossberg Shotgun Accessories are found. Many state, local and federal law enforcement agencies depend on GG&G Shotgun Accessories for Mossberg Shotguns to fill their mission requirements.

All GG&G Tactical Accessories come with a lifetime warranty and
All GG&G Products Are Made In America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans!