.900" Flashlight Mounting Ring Reducer

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.900 Flashlight Ring Reducer:

The owners of the Streamlight TL2 and TL3 flashlights have continually commented to us about the need for a small, light weight, inexpensive ring being available to mount their flashlights to AR-15s or other weapon systems. With a flashlight outside diameter of .900" the GG&G One Inch Flashlight Mounting Ring was too large, but the GG&G .900" Flashlight Mounting Ring Insert will allow them to install their flashlights inexpensively. Manufactured from Delrin to an inside diameter of .900", this new insert easily slips onto the flashlight and then installs into the GG&G One Inch Flashlight Mounting Ring GGG-1195 . Once the ring cap is tightened the flashlight is solidly mounted in place and ready to be installed on the weapon.

The .900" Flashlight Mounting Ring Insert can be purchased as a package with the GG&G One Inch Flashlight Mounting Ring or by itself for those that already have our ring. Either way, it is a great way to mount the smaller diameter flashlights.

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