SOCOM II Accucam Quick Detach Scope Mount
With 30mm Integral Rings

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The SOCOM II mount has been designed and manufactured to interface with the factory SOCOM II Dovetailed Scope Mount. It Will Not Interface With The SOCOM Or Scout Factory Mount!

SOCOM 2 Quick Detach Scope Mount

The SOCOM II M1A Rifle is a compact, powerful close quarter combat battle rifle. However its "Cluster Rail" system makes it difficult to mount a conventional low powered scope. You have to install an additional receiver mounted scope base to the SOCOM II along with a set of scope rings that are tall enough so that the objective lens clears the top rail. If you want Quick Detach capability, you need to mount your scope on top of the receiver mounted scope base with some type of QD mount and ring combo. We think that's a PIA and has too many interface points that could negatively affect the zero retention of your scope. The New Products Team at GG&G has come up with an innovative solution---The SOCOM II Accucam Quick Detach Scope Mount With 30mm Integral Rings:

SOCOM 2 Accucam Quick Detach Scope Mount Specifications:

  • The overall design provides smooth integrated appearance.
  • The Accucam Quick Detach System provides quick and easy on-off transitions while maintaining 1/2 MOA accuracy.
  • Accucam QD System is fully adjustable to fit worn or out of spec dovetails.
  • The SOCOM II Accucam Quick Detach Scope Mount has dual recoil lugs that interface with the recoil slots of the top dovetail rail to provide secure recoil resistance.
  • The scope has 30mm integral rings with four cap screws per ring. Each cap screw threads into stainless steel helicoils.
  • 2.5" measurement inside ring face to inside ring face allows for forward/rearward adjustment of different eye releif scopes.
  • 1.260" from top of the SOCOM II "Cluster Rail" to center of 30mm integral rings, provides lower scope mounting while still clearing the objective lens of most scopes up to 50mm.
  • The cantilever feature of the SOCOM II Scope Base overhangs 3" to allow for additional forward/rearward adjustment for scopes with different eye reliefs.
  • The underside of the SOCOM II QD Scope Mount is relief cut for unimpeded cartridge ejection.
  • The main body is manufactured from solid billet 6061-T 6 aluminum Type III hard anodized in a non-reflective combat finish per Mil-Spec.
  • All steel components of the Accucam Quick Detach System are manufactured from 4140 ordnance steel and manganese phosphated in a non-reflective combat finish per Mil-Spec.
  • Length: 6"
  • Lightweight skeletonized construction -- 7.7 oz.
  • Warranty: Lifetime.
  • Made In America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans!

GG&G American Made

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