Specter Universal 3 Point CQB Sling With ERB

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Specter Universal 3 Point CQB Sling With ERB

It's been said that a long gun without a sling is like a handgun without a holster. We strongly believe that to be a true statement. But, not all slings are created equal. Our CQB 3 Point Tactical Slings are simple, versatile, durable, and affordable. The 3 point sling design is nothing new. However, we've refined the design to deliver a truly functional sling which works.

All of the Specter CQB Tactical Slings are made from heavy duty 1.25" wide nylon webbing which is durable, yet comfortable, and doesn't abrade the skin or generate a noise signature. We use only the best quality hardware and hook and loop fasteners. All of our slings are sewn by skilled technicians on industrial machines using heavy duty nylon thread with all stress points reinforced for maximum durability.

All later Specter CQB Slings are fully modular and fully ambidextrous. Utilizing the same front and rear adapters as our SOP Sling Series, CQB Slings can be easily set up for left or right hand applications. Additionally, our CQB Slings can also be completely disassembled should you change your weapon configuration or wish to add features to your sling.

Our Universal CQB Slings are designed to fit weapons with existing factory or aftermarket side mounted front & rear sling loops such as the Steyr AUG or the M-4. These slings are 1.25" wide, available from GG&G in Black and come with the Emergency Release Buckle (ERB).

The ERB allows users to rapidly and efficiently disengage the slung weapon from their body should the sling become entangled with an obstacle or if an opponent should try to use the sling to the disadvantage of an operator during a weapon retention situation.

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