Mossberg 940 PRO Tactical Replacement Accessory Capable Mag Tube Extension Nut

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Mossberg 940 PRO Tactical Replacement Accessory Capable Mag Tube Extension Nut

What the heck is the GG&G Mossberg 940 PRO Tactical Replacement Accessory Capable Extension Nut and why do I need it?

Here's what it is and why it is. Because of the Mossberg 940 PRO Tactical forearm design and the relationship between it and the magazine tube extension nut, the standard method of front accessory mounting is not possible with the factory set up.

GG&G and our customers appreciate the Mossberg 940 PRO shotgun and its features. However, it appears that Mossberg thought about the problem and offered an easy but incomplete and questionable solution.......A Plastic Barrel Clamp that accommodates M-LOK accessories. Our team of professional experienced shooters and advisers see at least two problems. One is the Plastic Barrel Clamp, it may not fail right away, but after multiple heat cycles and attempting to keep it tight on the barrel it will, in our humble opinion, lead to a failure. Number two is the M-LOK slot position being at the top of the barrel clamp. There is a reason that the majority of barrel clamp manufacturers, including GG&G, mount the sling or light mounts, whether they be an M-LOK configuration, or a more traditional screw attachment method, at the most stable position and most ergonomic position, the center point of the barrel clamp. As you pull on the sling, you are pulling the top non-anchored area away from the barrel. Occasionally it's a hot barrel - a very hot barrel, which tends to make plastic, even thermoplastics, more flexible and subject to degradation, bending and movement. 

The GG&G Team came up with a very unique solution that works with multiple different accessories. Yes, you need the GG&G Replacement Accessory Capable Mag Tube Extension Nut in order to mount the front accessories. Yea, it is not an inexpensive solution, but it is manufactured from steel! Solid, Rugged And Dependable!

Mossberg 940 PRO Tactical Accessory Capable Extension Nut Specifications:

  • Manufactured Specifically For The Mossberg 940 PRO Tactical 12ga Shotgun.
  • Easy to install. No modifications are needed to your 940 PRO Tactical shotgun, except for easy removal of a component to be replaced by this one.
  • The kit includes an installation wrench. 
  • The Mossberg 940 Tactical Replacement Accessory Capable Extension Nut gives the 940 shooter more tactical accessory options. 
  • Provides a method to mount tactical light and laser accessories closer to the shooter's hand for a more natural operation. 
  • Rounded edges provide a snag free operation.
  • All edges are deburred for the shooter's safety.
  • Nut Material: 1018 steel.
  • Finish: Manganese phosphate finished non-reflective matte black per mil-spec.
  • Weight: 3.2 oz.
  • Warranty: Lifetime.
  • Made In America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans.

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Make Your Mossberg 940 PRO Tactical More Tactical Accessory Capable!