Agency Looped Sling Attachments

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Agency Looped Sling Attachments

The Agency Rear Sling Adapter Looped For AR-15 Collapsible Stocks offers the end user a more consistent fit than our earlier version. You may not know this, but some of the recoil tubes being produced are smaller in diameter than the originals and smaller than the Mil-Spec units. Our upgraded design easily and securely fastens onto the castle lock nut versus the tube so various size recoil tubes are no longer an issue. The AR15 Sling Attachment installs without removing the castle nut and no tools are required except for the included 9/64" wrench to tighten the fastening screw of the Agency Sling Attachment. The AR-15 Agency Sling Attachments Looped are specifically designed to accommodate HK style quick clips, snap hooks or Mash Hooks. The ergonomic design does not interfere with the charging handle operation, even the larger units like the Gas Buster.

Agency Rear Sling Attachments Looped Specifications:

  • Easy to install.
  • Clamps securely to the castle nut.
  • Fits commercial or Mil-Spec buffer tubes.
  • Does not require removal of the buffer tube to install.
  • Does not interfere with the charging handle.
  • Looped versions accept HK or MASH hooks.
  • Perfect for single point or 2 point slings.
  • All edges have been de-burred to protect the operator.
  • Material: Standard version is manufactured from 7075 billet aluminum alloy.
  • Heavy Duty version is manufactured from 4140 steel.
  • Finish: Standard version, Type III hard coat anodized matte black per Mil-Spec.
  • HD version, Manganese phosphated matte black per Mil-Spec.
  • Weight: Standard versions weigh approximately 1 oz.
  • HD versions weigh approximately 2 oz.
  • Warranty: Lifetime.
  • Made In America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans!

If a rectangular style AR15 sling attachment better serves your mission requirements, then check out the Agency Sling Attachments Rectangular.

Developmental History: The Agency Rear Sling Adapters were developed because certain government agencies established policies indicating that if a tool needs to be used to remove a part of the weapon to install a new accessory it cannot be done unless the gun is sent to the agency's armorer or gunsmith for the installation. This caused a major problem for many agencies looking to quickly update their weapons.The GG&G Agency Rear Sling Adapter only requires that the rear assembly of the collapsible butt stock be removed. An operation that does not require tools. The Agency Sling Adapter then slides over the tube and, once in proper position securely tightens around the castle lock nut as shown in the above photo.

GG&G American Made

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