M1 Garand Chamber Cleaning Tool

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M1 Garand Chamber Cleaning Tool Overview

The GG&G M1 Garand Chamber Cleaning Tool won't stop you from getting "Garand Thumb", but it will help you get the chamber as clean as a wistle. Yea, a little old school saying for you. 

You know that it is darn near impossible to properly clean the M1 Garand chamber. Over 12 years ago we came up with a simple and inexpensive way to keep that all important area clean, The M1 Garand Chamber Cleaning Tool. Over the years we improved it by giving you the option to quickly remove the cleaning patch jag and install a chamber cleaning brush that we have included in the package. The rugged poly universal joint allows you the ability to easily get into the proper area for thorough chamber cleaning. All parts that come in contact with the chamber are manufactured from a non-marring material.

The jag is precision machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and slotted 2" inches deep to accept a cleaning patch. The chamber brush is 3" long, .490 in diameter and manufactured from phosphor bronze. The shaft of the Chamber Cleaning Tool is steel with an ergonomic textured solid  Delrin handle. The overall length of the rifle chamber cleaning tool is approximately 15.00 inches.

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