Four Pack AA Battery Caddy Discounted Package Includes
Battery Caddy And Batteries

Four Pack AA Battery Caddy Discounted Package
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AA 4 Pack Rescue Orange Battery Caddy:

Whether they are for tactical use, hunting, fishing, or for emergencies at home or in your car, spare batteries are essential, but tough to keep organized especially the smaller ones like the AA battery. We all suffer from storag-itus from time to time and try to store batteries in plastic sandwich bags, small cardboard boxes, cigar boxes,etc. The AA Battery Caddy provides a no-hassle, inexpensive way to keep them neatly stacked and packed so they're ready when you need them. We are offering the AA Battery Caddy four pack configuration on sale--with and without batteries.

The Rescue Orange AA Four Pack is 2.67" wide, 2.15" high and .72" thick.

Manufactured from tough Nylon 12 engineered plastic, the unique design of the Battery Caddy allows the batteries to be dispensed one at a time with one hand for safety and convenience. Unlike other portable battery packs, there is no fumbling around, especially in an emergency situation. Besides convenience, the top and bottom terminals of the battery are protected by the battery container.

GG&G American Made

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