Shotgun Flashlight Mounts

Do I need a flashlight mounted to my shotgun? Yes, No, Maybe? Lets count the ways that it is absolutely imperative to have a quality flashlight mounted to your shotgun with a high performance mount, like the shotgun flashlight mounts from GG&G. The GG&G America Made Shotgun Flashlights Mounts are available in many configurations and are available for most tactical shotguns. After you read some comments below, check them out and and gain the tactical advantage!

When it goes "Bump In The Night" do you have a plan? Can you turn the lights on throughout your home or apartment with just one switch? A WML provides you with threat identification and better target identification and target discrimination than your natural night vision can provide. You want to absolutely identify the threat! Think about it. You may not want to shoot the unarmed dopey kid from down street, but definitely want to tactically engage the armed kid or adult looking to do you and your loved ones bodily harm. Even if you never needed a flashlight mounted to your home defense shotgun, wouldn't it give you peace of mind to know that your are ready for that encounter. The confidence factor alone justifies a WML.
Oh, you have ambient light from outside. What if the power goes out in your neighborhood during a storm, earthquake, hurricane, etc? You must give yourself every advantage that you can. When you shine a light in the face of an intruder with the flashlights available today, I assure you he or she will be seeing spots not you, right after he or she turns his or her head from the light.