Black Aces Shockwave Quad Rail With Modified Magpul Forearm Three Piece Package

Magpul Forearm For Black Aces Magpul Forearm For Black Aces Mossberg Shockwave Forearm For Black Aces Quad Rail
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Magpul Mossberg 590 Forearm For The Black Aces Quad Rail Three Piece Package has been slightly modified by GG&G to specifically fit the Black Aces Quad Rail as shown in the above image.

Please understand that GG&G cannot determine with any certainty or guarantee that any other products will fit without causing a malfunction of the action. It Is Critically Important That You Check This Out If You Have Installed Any Accessory!  Please be aware of this and function test your shotgun before putting it into service.

Important Safety Notice: A Vertical Grip is not intended to be installed on the slide arm or forearm of any shotgun! Installing a Vertical Grip in this manner is extremely dangerous and could cause bodily injury or death!!! In addition, if you damage the bottom of the forearm by installing a Vert Grip it will not be warrantied by GG&G or Magpul.

If You Only Need The GG&G Modified Magpul Forearm For Your Black Aces Shockwave Quad Rail, We Have One Here!!!  Looking for other Mossberg Accessories?  Find Them Here!

Black Aces Quad Rail, Side Saddle And GG&G Modified Magpul Forearm Three Piece Package

The Black Aces Quad Rail for the Mossberg Shockwave has become very popular. So we thought we would package it with the Magpul/GG&G Modified Shockwave Forearm. The three piece Mossberg Shockwave package includes the Black Aces Quad Rail, the Black Aces Side Saddle and the Magpul/ GG&G Modified Forearm. The Magpul Forearm is available in three colors: Black, Gray and Dark Earth. Instructions of course are included. No modifications are required to your Shockwave.

Black Aces Quad Rail, Side Saddle And Magpul Forearm Three Piece Package Specifications:

  • No modifications are required to your Mossberg Shockwave for installation.
  • Quad Rail is a full MIL-STD-1913 top rail with forward muzzle quad rails.
  • Lock clamp system securely holds Black Aces Quad Rail in place.
  • Manufactured Specifically For The 12ga Shockwave With The Black Aces Quad Rail.
  • Includes 5 shot ATI plastic side saddle with 6061 T-6 aluminum backplate.
  • Black Aces Shockwave Quad Rail is only compatible with the Mossberg magazine tube fed version of the firearm.
  • Quad Rail is manufactured from 6061 T-6 aluminum.
  • Black color anodized to MIL-A-8625 Type II.
  • A custom Package includes a GG&G modified Magpul forearm that works with BAT Quad Rail.
  • Three color choices for the forearm: Black,Gray and Dark Earth.
  • Magpul Forearm is reinforced polymer construction.
  • Forearm provides increased length for improved pump manipulation.
  • Manufactured Specifically by GG&G for the 12ga Shockwave with the Black Aces Quad Rail and side saddle.
  • Magpul Forearm does not overlap receiver enough to interfere with Black Aces/ATI sidesaddle.
  • M-LOK slots for direct attachment of GG&G M-LOK Accessories.
  • All installation hardware & tools included.
  • Quad Rail Weight: 10oz
  • Forearm Weight 6.3 oz.
  • Made In America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans!

 GG&G American Made

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