Remington 870 Accessories

Over 12,000,000 Remington 870 Shotguns have been manufactured in multiple configurations, colors, stock configurations, barrel lengths, choked and open. Because of the rugged and almost flawless operating design, most likely, 90% are still in operation worldwide.

GG&G has been in business 30 years and manufactures approximately 25 different American Made Remington 870 Tactical Accessories including various options. Over 30 thousand Remington 870 Tactical Accessories have been shipped out of our Tucson, Arizona facility.

GG&G Remington 870 Tactical Accessories will help you gain that all important defensive tactical advantage, one of the GG&G Remington 870 Tactical Accessories may even give you that life-saving edge.

We are sure when you review the GG&G Remington 870 professional product lineup you will find at least one that falls in that “Must Have” category.

It’s important to us, and we hope as an American, it’s important to you: All GG&G 870 Tactical Accessories Are Manufactured in America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans!