Remington 1100/1187 Accessories

GG&G manufactures 19 Tactical Accessories for the Remington 1100 11-87 shotguns. The GG&G 1100 11-87 Tactical Accessories include several different versions of sling attachments, side saddles, mag tube extensions and light mounts.

It’s interesting to note that Remington has produced about four million, plus or minus a couple hundred thousand, Remington 1100 shotguns since its introduction in 1963. It would be great if we could sell just one American Made GG&G 1100 Tactical Accessory for each of those shotguns! We are trying, for sure! Remington ceased production sometime in 1995. Having said that there are still a lot of the 4,000,000 1100 shotguns still out and about, and they need a GG&G 1100 11-87 Tactical Accessory.

As a side note the Remington 1100 still holds the record for most rounds fired from an auto loading shotgun without a malfunction---24,000 Rounds!

The Remington 1187 or more correctly 11-87, was introduced in 1987 and is based on the Remington 1100. There are only a few differences between the two. That’s why the GG&G Remington accessories have the nomenclature: GG&G 1100 1187 Tactical Accessories. Both are great auto loading shotguns and can be Tacted Out with GG&G 1100 1187 Tactical Accessories.

Remember; GG&G Reminton Tactical Accessories Are Made In America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans!