Benelli M2 Side Saddle

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GG&G Manufactures A Benelli M2 Six Shot Saddle With Integral Sling Attachment. If You Want A Side Saddle With A Side Mounted Sling Attachment, Check Out The Options Here.

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Benelli M2 Side Saddle

GG&G incorporated a unique design into the Benelli M2 Side Saddle (Six Shot). The layout provides quick access to your ammunition at an angle that matches your hand. The design of the Benelli M2 Side Saddle facilitates loading the mag tube and the chamber.

Important Consideration: Unlike other shotgun side saddle shell holders, the GG&G M2 Side Saddle Shel Holder utilizes a solid rubber shell retainer versus a rubber tube shell retainer with side walls. The Reason? The rubber tube type shell retainer easily distorts from heat and continuous pressure of the shotgun shell. Over time the shell becomes loose in the shell holder. The GG&G solid shell retainer with a speced durometer reading, retains its form resulting in a tight fit that you can count on for years of use.

Benelli M2 Side Saddle Specifications:

  • As easy to install as changing a car tire.
  • No modifications are required to the weapon for installation.
  • All models of the GG&G Benelli M2 Side Saddle mount solidly to the receiver at two locations using the provided hardware. The supplied hardware mounts through the trigger group pin hole and also mounts to a GG&G supplied receiver end plate that you install as a rear mounting point. The receiver end plate easily mounts betwenn the back of the receiver and the stock.
  • A non-marring backing plate on the shell holder will not damage the receiver's finish. The six shot side saddle holds 12 ga ammunition at a unique angle of 15 degrees to facilitate the speed of bottom loading the magazine tube or top loading of the chamber.
  • With the GG&G Benelli M2 Side Saddle Shell Holder, shotshells can be retained in base up or base down position depending on shooter's style of reloading.
  • The M2 Side Saddle features a durable, oil resistant, replaceable shotshell retention system.
  • Manufactured from 6061 T-6 aluminum.
  • Type III hard anodized black per mil-spec.
  • Ergonomic design including lightning cuts for weight reduction.
  • Weight: 6.0 oz
  • Overall Length: 7 oz
  • All edges have been rounded for the shooter's safety.
  • Warranty: Lifetime.
  • Made In America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans!
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