AR-15 Flip Up Rear Sights (BUIS)

Having a backup AR-15 Rear Sight, especially one that is out of the way until it flips up is an absolute necessity in today’s tactical encounters. The four AR-15 Flip Up Rear Sights manufactured by GG&G are all low profile and offer the operator a choice of an AR-15 Rear Sight that meets their specific mission requirements. Three are manually operated and one is spring operated. All are combat tested and have been deployed worldwide. The GG&G AR-15 Rear Sight known as the MAD was originally designed for Naval Surface Warfare, and is presently used by several Seal Teams. A new AR-15 Flip Up Rear Sight is under development and will be in the market place soon.

As with all GG&G Tactical Accessories, our AR Rear Sight Is Made In America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans!

AR-15 Flip Up Rear Sight. American Made by GG&G