AR-15 Scope Mounts

Standard And Scout Length Rails

Standard And Scout Length Rails
Designed to mount easily over the integral rails of the AR15/M16 flat top receiver and work in conjunction with any of our BUIS flip-up rear sights.

GS-1 Optical Mounting Rail

GS-1 Optical Mounting Rail
Our GS-1 FIRE System rail was designed for mounting a conventional-type scope on the AR15/M16. It provides significantly longer eye relief for a proper scope/operator interface and the capability of attaching additional optical devices, such as a night vision.

PVS-14 Quick Detach
Multi-Flex Night Vision Mount

PVS-14 Quick Detach <br/>Multi-Flex Night Vision Mount
The PVS-14 Quick Detach Multi-Flex Night Vision Mount for the ITT PVS-14 series of night vision monoculars, is designed to go rapidly and easily from a... More

Quick Detach Low
Night Vision Mount

Quick Detach Low <br/>Night Vision Mount
The GG&G Quick Detach Low PVS-14 mount for the ITT 6015 and PVS14 night vision monoculars is designed to go rapidly and easily from a head/helmet mount or hand surveillance to a weapons mount.

Aimpoint Twist Lock
Night Vision Mount

Aimpoint Twist Lock <br/>Night Vision Mount
The New GG&G PVS-14 adapter allows you to mount your PVS-14 directly to your Aimpoint Twist Lok Mount for fast Quick Detach use.

It may sound trite, but when selecting a scope mount for an AR15/M16, you want the best money can buy. Scope mounts can make all the difference in your tactical flexibility and performance. Will they hold up to the rigors of combat? Will the AR 15 scope mount fall off the weapon due to improper integration with the mounting platform? Is the QD quick detach) mechanism really QD? These are all important questions to consider when selecting scope mounts for your particular application. GG&G manufactures specific scope bases not only for traditional magnified optics, but provides specific scope mounts for the Aimpoint, EOTech, Reflex, and ACOG. The rugged mount scope lines from GG&G are all manufactured to fit MIL-STD-1913 dovetails. In addition the Accucam QD scope mounts will accommodate worn or out of spec dovetails.