Mossberg 930
Front & Rear Sling Attachments

Mossberg 930 Front & Rear Sling Attachments
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P/N: GGG-1349

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  • Front Sling Attachment 
  • Front Sling Attachment (Small Barrel Model) 
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Mossberg has increased the barrel diameter on some of the 930 model shotguns. GG&G manufactures two different sizes of the Front Sling Attachment to accommodate the different size barrels. Before you purchase this product, please measure your barrel’s diameter or circumference at a place ½” in front of the forearm to determine what size sling attachment you will need. The small diameter barrel when measured with dial calipers is .860” or 2 ¾” in circumference when measured with a tape measure. GGG-1349S Is The Combo Set That Fits The Small Barrels. GGG-1347S Is The Front Sling Attachment That Fits The Small Barrel. For reference, the large barrel diameter is .925” when measured with dial calipers and 3” in circumference when using a tape measure.

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Mossberg 930 Front & Rear Sling Attachments:

The Mossberg 930 semi-auto shotgun has a strong following and many 930 shooters have asked us to "get with it" and manufacture a front sling attachment and a rear attachment (installed right behind the receiver) for this formidable shotgun. We are proud to announce that we "got with it" and are now offering ambidextrous front and rear sling mounts for the Mossberg 930 shotgun.

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The Mossberg 930 Front Sling Attachment is manufactured from AS-35 Geneva steel. Of exceptionally high quality, this famous Swiss steel features molecular structure with elongated grains for added toughness. The rectangular design will accommodate 1 1/4" sling webbing. As an added feature all corners and edges have been rounded and dehorned for the operator's safety. After being dehorned the sling mount is manganese phosphated matte black per mil-spec. A ball bearing detent on the Front Sling Attachment has a built in floating hardened steel ball that aides in keeping the extended magazine tube from backing off under recoil.

The Mossberg 930 Rear Sling Mount is designed to be used both as a single point sling attachment or in a more traditional sling set up when used in conjunction with the front sling mount. It will accommodate 1 1/4" inch webbing and easily installs directly behind the receiver. When used as a single point set up, it allows the operator to mount the weapon on either the primary or offside shoulder. As a result, during dynamic entries it is easier to "cut the pie" at doorways and move around corners, whether they are on the right side or left side, without telegraphing the operator's position. In addition, slings attached to a single point mount work especially well when operators are deployed wearing body armor or are involved in breeching operations.

The GG&G Rear Sling Attachment has been designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors associated with professional use. It is precision machined from 7075 aircraft grade billet aluminum alloy and Type III hard anodized matte black per mil-spec. All corners and edges have been rounded and dehorned for the operator’s safety.

All Mossberg 930 Accessories and GG&G products, including the Mossberg 930 front and rear sling attachments, are proudly made in the U.S A.

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