Beretta A300 Ultima Tactical Charging Handle

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**IMPORTANT** The GG&G Beretta A300 Ultima Charging Handle WILL NOT Fit The Beretta 1301 Because The Operating Systems Are Very Different!  Whoever Might Have Told They Were Interchangeable is MISTAKEN!  If You Have Any Doubt, Please Call A GG&G Product Specialist At 800-380-2540.

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Beretta A300 Ultima Tactical Charging Handle:

Stressfire situations are well.... STRESSFUL!  Duh!  It can be potentially fatal if a catastrophic malfunction occurs if there is a failure to retract the bolt handle completely. If you truly are in a stress fire encounter --- YOU ARE ALL IN!  You have trained, you have the tactical advantage, you are good to go!  Don't risk losing your grip on the small and slippery factory charging handle of your Beretta A300. Replace it with the GG&G Beretta A300 Ultima Tactical Charging Handle. It is large and heavily knurled, making it easy to grab with your hand or fingers---gloved or not. Please be aware that the A300 Ultima Charging Handle does not rotate.

The GG&G A300 Ultima Charging Handle is manufactured from 4130 hardened chrome moly steel and parkerized black in a non-reflective combat finish to mil-spec. The Beretta A300 Charging Handle was designed, tested and is manufactured with an indexing locating tip, often referred to as a positive key lock up. This is extremely similar to the Beretta A300 factory design. Is the GG&G Beretta A300 Tactical Charging Handle indestructible? Of course not! Anything manufactured by man, can be destroyed by man. The better question is; Will it withstand the constant rigors of professional use? Yes Sir It Will!

Beretta 1301 Tactical Charging Handle Specifications:

  • Easy to install. No modifications are needed to your A300 shotgun.
  • The Beretta A300 Ultima Tactical Charging Handle is larger than the factory Beretta charging handle providing a more positive method of charging, especially in stress fire situations.
  • Heavy knurling reduces the chance of your fingers or hand slipping off the charging handle during stress fire situations or when wearing gloves.
  • Provides lightweight, consistent, reliable functioning.
  • Rounded edges provide a snag-free operation.
  • All edges are de-burred for the shooter's safety.
  • Important Note: The GG&G Beretta A300 Ultima Charging Handle does not rotate!
  • Material Body: Manufactured from Heat Treated 4130 Chrome Moly Steel.
  • Finish: Manganese phosphate finished non-reflective matte black per mil-spec.
  • Weight: Less than an ounce.
  • Warranty: Lifetime.
  • Made In America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans!

GG&G American Made

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