V3 Pocket Bellows

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V3 Pocket Bellows

The Pocket Bellows is an Ancient Fire Starting Technology Molded into a Modern Telescopic Hand Tool. Epiphany Outdoor found that not only does their telescopic fire bellowing tool, the V3 Pocket Bellows, work great on weather soaked firewood, it makes starting dry firewood and regulating BBQ/Campfire temperatures for cooking easy while keeping your eyebrows safely on your face and away from the fire and smoke.The V3 Pocket Bellows comes with a compact water resistent carying case. Remember Oxygen is nature's gasoline and is the key to wet weather fire starting. Like an engine's fuel injectors, the V3 Pocket Bellows compresses and focuses oxygen directly into the heart of the fire. The byproduct of this extra oxygen is a significant amount of extra heat which is the key to overcoming wet firewood.

Pocket Bellows Tool Specifications:

  • Start Rolling Fires with Wet or Dry Firewood In Moments.
  • The Pocket Bellows gives Distance / Keeps Your Face Away from the Fire when Adding Oxygen.
  • Compresses & Pin-Point Focuses Oxygen Directly Into a Fire.
  • Use It At Home For Your Fireplace, Firepits, or BBQ's
  • The V3 Pocket Bellows comes with the instruction Sheet: Complete and easy to read instructions and fire starting tips.
  • Size Collapsed: 3 3/4".
  • Size Extended: 19".
  • Lightweight: Weighs in under 1oz.

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