42 Uses For Your Shemagh. There Are Probably More!



  1. Sun Protection – Protects your head and face against the sun and heat, especially helpful for the follicly-challenged!

  2. Sun Shade – Hang it from a tree over you to block the elements, especially the sun.

  3. Cooling Cloth – Wet the cloth and place over your head, neck and body to cool down.

  4. Scarf – Wrap around your neck or over your ears for warmth.

  5. Dust Mask – Wear it over your face to protect from dust and other particles in the air.

  6. Smoke Mask – Wear wet, over your face to protect from smoke.

  7. Towel – Wipe off excess sweat or use as a wash cloth.

  8. Fashion Accessory – Wear it simply because it looks cool!

  9. Mend Clothing – Cut a portion off and use it as a patch.

  10. Carry Pack – Put your items in the center and tie the ends together to create a carry pack.

  11. Knee Pad – Wrap the shemagh around your knees to reduce the impact of kneeling.

  12. Net – Use it to catch fish, frogs, tadpoles, or whatever is on the menu!

  13. Water Filter – Fold multiple times and filter debris out of water before boiling.

  14. Coffee/Tea Filter – No filter?  No problem!  Throw a shemagh in instead!

  15. Dew Collector – Leave it hanging overnight to collect dew.

  16. Pot Holder – Save yourself from burns – use a shemagh to handle hot pots and pans.

  17. Whip – Wet the shemagh and use it as a whip – just like high school football practice.

  18. Camouflage – Many shemaghs feature camouflage patterns.  Use that to blend in with the environment, when and if, necessary.

  19. Fire Starter – Cut small portions of the shemagh to help in starting a fire.

  20. Gun Cloth – Use it to clean your firearm when standard cleaning apparatus is not available.

  21. Bandage – Cut and tape or wrap around a wound.

  22. Tourniquet – Tie the shemagh around a wound to slow or stop bleeding.

  23. Splint – Wrap it around your arm or leg with a stick to keep broken or fractured bones in place.

  24. Arm Sling – Wrap your arm in the shemagh to immobilize injury.

  25. Feminine Hygiene – Works as a pad if you cut it to the correct size and fold it.

  26. Ice Pack – Just add ice!

  27. Emergency Baby Changing Pad – When a Koala baby changing station isn’t available, this will do the trick.

  28. Baby Swaddle – Keep your little one warm and comfy. Wrap the baby snugly in the shemagh.

  29. Baby Carrier/Sling – Easily carry your baby using yourself as a harness.

  30. Leash – Tie one end to Fido’s collar and make a handhold on the other end.

  31. Trail Marker – Cut into pieces, as needed, to mark where you have been.

  32. Rope – Twist or cut in strips to create rope.

  33. Insect Cover – Use your shemagh to cover and protect your head, face, neck and other extremities from insects.

  34. Padding For Fragile Items – Wrap fragile items with a shemagh to reduce the possibility of scratches or breaks.

  35. Tethering – Tie items to yourself or your backpack.

  36. Bikini – Not a fan of skinny dipping?  Create a make-shift bikini top, bottom, or both out of your shemagh!

  37. Ground Cloth – Keep your butt debris-free when sitting on the ground.

  38. Warmth – Can be used as a small blanket for those of us that are vertically challenged.

  39. Sarong – Wrap around your waist for modesty.

  40. Pillow – Thick and soft enough to ball up and use for bus rides or camping trips.

  41. Weapon – Place a large rock in the middle, twist and SWING!

  42. Signal Flag – Wave it to get the attention of passersby.