We have become one of the world's acknowledged leaders in the design and manufacture of civilian, law enforcement and military optical mounting systems and tactical weapon accessories for two reasons. First of all, the technical and tactical experience of our staff of armed professionals is all-important. However, our product line would never have reached its present pinnacle of perfection without the continuing support and feedback we receive from firearms and tactical training centers and their highly professional staffs. We're gratified to have the following highly regarded training facilities use and endorse our products.

Thunder Ranch

96747 Hwy 140 East, Lakeview, OR 97630


Gunsite Training Center

2900 Gunsite Road, Paulden, AZ 86334


Almost anyone with the proper credentials can acquire a handgun or rifle and GG&G tactical equipment. However, far more is required to insure that your opponent and not you go down like "an asphalt snow angel" should you be forced into a deadly confrontation. You will need more than just a little true grit to attend a course at any one of these training facilities. Your physical endurance and emotional fortitude will probably be tested to their absolute limits. Only those who are really serious about survival end up on the firing line at any of GG&G's training center affiliates. Those looking beyond dry firing in their hallway mirror should contact one of them ASAP.