We are proud of the staff of engineers and machinists who design and manufacture the products for armed professionals featured in this catalog. We depend upon them on a daily basis to place your weapon accessory requirements and safety demands at the top of their list. We also have a very competent group of test and development personnel you, our customers. We are continuously responsive to your suggestions, criticisms, ideas and feedback.

You know what you want, what you need and what fits your personal, department or unit's Mission Essential Need Statement (MENS). You use the equipment day in and day out under a variety of environmental and high stress conditions that are impossible to duplicate in any laboratory scenario. The information we receive from our customers is priceless. We would like to thank you for caring enough about GG&G and the products we manufacture to take the time to discuss your experiences with our products and share your ideas. In addition to our design and production staff, there are a number of highly skilled, armed professionals who have taken a special interest in our company and its products. They have provided us with invaluable technical expertise and advice and given our products the toughest possible field tests. Some, by virtue of their work must remain anonymous, but a few are listed below:

Chris Caraci, Dennis Chalker,  Jefferey Prather
Harry Humphries, Giles Stock, Hans Vang, Lance Harris