Pistol Peep Door Viewers

PIstol Peep Door Viewers
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P/N: GGG-1570

Four Viewers To Choose From. Get One For Your Best Shooting Buddy Too!
  • 1911 Model 
  • Glock Model 
  • Revolver Model 
  • Shotgun Model 
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Pistol Peep Door Viewer

We don't manufacture these neat door viewers, but we think they fit nicely with The GG&G Fun Stuff For Shooters line up, and it's American Made which is always a good thing.

These easy to install Pro 2nd Amendment door viewers, are manufactured from black impact resistant plastic. The Pistol Peeps stick out from the face of the door about 1 1/4". They adjust to fit doors from 1-5/16" to 2" thick, and if you already have a peep viewer in your door, these should fit right into the 1/2" hole that's already there. (Most door peeps are installed in 1/2" holes. Check yours before ordering to make sure) The Pistol Peep Dor Viewers include a glass viewer with antiqued brass surround metal insertion screw. They all weigh about 2.5 ounces and closely resemble the gun they are mimicking.

Keep these in mind as great gifts for your shooting buddies. Check out all of the GG&G Fun Stuff Here.

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