EOTech EXPS Scope
Hood And Lens Cover Combo

EXPS Hood & Lens Covers
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Go Professional-Bikinis Are For The Beach
  • GG&G Logo Engraved On Front Lens Cover 
  • ZOMBIE KILLER Engraved On Hood With Special ZOMBIE KILLER Lens Covers 
  • "Front Toward Enemy" Engraved On Front Lens Cover 
  • "INFIDEL" Engraved On Your Front Lens Cover 

IMPORTANT: This product will not fit XPS2-0 or XPS3-0 Scopes

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IMPORTANT: The EXPS Hood & Lens Cover Combo Will Not Fit the XPS Series of scopes. If you need lens covers for your EOTech XPS Scope, Click Here.

In order to meet the many EOTech protective hood configurations, provide easy installation and keep the price point competitive, we decided to offer our patented lens covers with a new enhanced 6061 T6 aluminum hood and lens cover combo package for the EOTech EXPS holographic scopes. For those of you that want to keep the battery retention wire set up, we have pre-drilled the hood in the same location as the original, and have included a new battery cap retention wire and figure 8 wire clamps for your use. 

The GG&G EOTech Hood and Lens Cover Combo for the EOTech EXPS is easy to install. You only have to remove the EOTech hood and install the new GG&G hood and lens cover module. The GG&G hood is Type III hard anodized matte black to mil-spec and matches the original EOTech finish. All of the windage and elevation calibration markings on the GG&G hood are fully engraved and present an off-white appearance to make it easier for the end user to reference.

The lens covers in the EOTech Hood and Lens Cover Combo Package provide the same great features as the originals. They are spring operated so that once pressure is applied to release them from the closed position, they spring open. The rear cover lies across the top, so as not to interfere with the field of view. The front cover opens and serves as a sun shield. However, if heavy brush etc. is encountered, the front lens will fold back so that it is not damaged. Because of the contours of the EOTech body, these rifle scope lens covers are not 100% waterproof, but they do prevent most dust, debris, rain and snow from accumulating on the lenses. These unique lens covers for scopes can be easily operated with either hand to provide flexibility of operation. The new combo design and methodology is so unique that we were awarded a patent.

If you like to have a little fun with your tactical accessories, we are offering a ZOMBIE KILLER Combo Package. If that's not your bag, you can have the front lens cover engraved with "FRONT TOWARD ENEMY" or "INFIDEL" at no additional charge.

The GG&G EOTech EXPS Hood And Lens Cover Combo will fit EOTech models EXPS2-0, EXPS2-2, EXPS3-0, EXPS3-2 and EXPS3-4.

As with all GG&G products, the Hood And Lens Cover Combo is Made In America By Men And Women Proud To Be Americans!

GG&G American Made