Shotgun Slings

Remington 870/1187 Sling -Fixed Stock-Tri-Glide Front Sling

Remington 870/1187 Sling -Fixed Stock-Tri-Glide Front Sling
This Remington 870/1187 sling is manufactured specifically for a fixed stock two point application.

Mossberg 590 Sling
Fixed Stock, Tri-Glide Front Sling

Mossberg 590 Sling<br/> Fixed Stock, Tri-Glide Front Sling
Buy the "Real World Sling" for your Mossberg 590 fixed stock shotgun.

Benelli Shotgun Sling

Benelli Shotgun Sling
The Giles Benelli Sling will fit the M1, M2,M3,and M4 Tactical Shotguns

In the past a single point shotgun sling was not considered to be a necessary requirement. In fact, today there are some agencies that will not allow their officers to use a tactical shotgun sling because they feel the perpetrator may use the shotgun sling against the officer if the fight goes to ground. GG&G does not believe in that philosophy and sells a Benelli sling, Remington 870 sling and a Mossberg 500 / 590 sling as well as the sling attachments for these tactical shotguns.

Tactical shotgun slings and accessories allow for a greater degree of control in a fluid situation. As any officer knows, the conditions on the practice range differ greatly from real life situations. It is not always possible to hold onto a shotgun, especially when any amount of running, jumping, or climbing is involved. Furthermore, there are situations like roadblocks and barricades where it is not necessary to carry the shotgun continuously. Finally, adverse weather conditions do not always reward long-term grasping of a metal object. GG&G sells slings that have been tested in real-world conditions, and knows the value of training that incorporates sling use. As a result, there are several types of shotgun sling to choose from.