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Night Vision "Battle Pac" Hard Case
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Night Vision "Battle Pac" Hard Case:

Blade-Tech, the manufacturer, has advised us that they have stopped manufacturing this product to concentrate on their other product lines. We only have a limited number of these rock solid protective cases left, so once these are gone they are gone! These are cheap protection for your at $3,000 plus night vision scope.

There is little doubt that the ITT or Exelis 6015 and PVS-14 night vision monoculars are rugged and well built. But lets face it. These are expensive pieces of equipment and are not only valuable from a monetary stand point, but tactically as well. A hard side impact and the unit can be damaged and rendered inoperable. It is imperative that when not in use, you keep it safe from the elements and the rigors of combat. The soft case included with most ITT and Exelis monoculars is nice, but will not protect the night vision unit from impacts. The small hard case previously available is certainly tough but does not lend itself to being easily carried into tactical situations.

GG&G isoffering a limited number of The NVM (Night Vision Monocular) Battle Pac, a protective polymer hard case to accommodate the ITT or Exelis 6015 and PVS-14 monocular. The NVM Battle Pac is contoured and fitted so as to securely and safely hold these units in the toughest of conditions. This innovative hard case is designed to hold these units with the mounting ring for the GG&G QD Night Vision Mount attached, so there is no hassle with going from case to mount. It also holds two spare AA batteries. Although the unit is not completely submersible, the overlapping lid provides protection from rain and snow. It is small enough, 5"X5.5" to fit in a ruck sack or can be attached to any belt or webbing up to 2.5 inches wide.

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For The ITT And Newer Exelis 6015 And PVS-14 Night Vision Monoculars