Edged Weapons and Covert Defense Tools


GG&G is an acknowledged leader in the design and manufacturing of self-defense weapons for law enforcement and military use. We carry a state-of-the-art line of covert weapons for self-defense designed to act as essential components in unforeseen emergency situations or as a "last-ditch" option for users. In our line up is the Penatrator, an innovative self-defense tool that can quickly deflate a tire or container. The sharp point acts as an emergency weapon, as well, in the event of an unexpected threat. This self-defense tool appears to be a large pen when capped; thus, is fully concealable. T

If you're looking for a truly unique last ditch self-defense tool, check out the New Ghost Hawk hidden mini neck knife. It's durable, but light-weight and comes with a skeletonized handle with a finger ring that provides a solid grip. This razor sharp knife provides excellent cutting power and folds up into a small sheath that can be hung conveniently from the neck.

All of our legal self-defense weapons, which are proudly made in the USA, are of superior quality and guaranteed. As with all our products, our customers can count on ongoing technical support by our highly-trained, professional staff. We remind you to please be aware of and abide by all local laws when considering concealable self-defense weaponry.