Doc Allen's VersaTool

Doc Allens VersaTool
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Doc Allen's VersaTool:

The Versa Tool From Doc Allen is a great compact pocket tool set. It's a 14 piece set with (11) interchangeable non-metric 1/4" hex bits (See Specifications Below For Sizes), a 2-3/8" extension shaft, a 1/4" hex bit magnetic adapter and a unique driver. The driver is what makes this small functional tool kit unique. The driver has a very rugged tear drop shaped sliding loop handle. The loop handle slides through the driver into "T" or "L" configurations so that the user can control the amount of leverage to be used. Detents in the loop allow the loop to lock into three positions on the driver to help control the amount of torque. The handle also folds onto the driver adding to it's compact size.

It's Customizable Too! The 1/4" hex bit adapter can be removed which provides the user with a 1/4" square drive. This allows you to customize your kit by adding 1/4" drive sockets to fit your needs. Besides holding the Doc Allen VersaTool and bits, the water resistant nylon pouch will hold several extra sockets and/or other hex bits that you may need. Customize it for hunting, camping, biking, boating, ATV off-roading, or as a lightweight survival tool. It's easy to customize by just swapping small parts.

Doc Allen's VersaTool Specifications:

  • This multi-tool is rugged, compact & easy to use. It's small enough to fit in your pocket.
  • The Doc Allen VersaTool is a 14 piece set with (11) 1/4" hex bits with bit holder, a 2-3/8" extension shaft, a 1/4" hex bit magnetic adapter and a unique driver with adjustable looped handle.
  • 11 hex bit inventory: 4 Allen syle hex bits: (1) 7/64" (1) 5/32" (1) 7/32" (1) 1/4" .
    3 Philips tip bits: (1) #1 (1) #2 (1) #3.
    4 Flat tip bits: (1) 1/8" (1) 1/4" (1) 9/32" (1) 5/16".
  • Driver and part of the extension are manufactured from stainless steel.
  • Hex bits and extension shaft are manufactured from tool steel.
  • 4" x 3-1/4" water resistant nylon zippered pouch with belt loop. The pouch has additional volume so that you can include other hex bits, sockets or other small tools.
  • Weight: 5.8 oz.
  • 99 year factory warranty on the driver with tear shaped handle. Bits are not waranteed.
  • Made in Taiwan.
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